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Dreamforce: Marc Benioff Keynote and Salesforce 1

Marc Benioff’s keynote is the first session today at Dreamforce13.  Marc IMG_0140and Co-Founder Parker Harris spent time this morning highlighting features and applications that are going to be available on the Salesforce platform in the “future”.  Parker made a dramatic entrance dressed in a “Back to the Future” professor costume, so he showed a bunch of new mobile applications running on Salesforce, including a new mobile Administration interface.

Coming this spring, this new platform is nnown as Salesforce 1.  It brings these mobile applications and interfaces to end users, partners, admins, customers and even marketing.  Marc described this as a new customer platform, where all of the Salesforce custom applications, including Apex, VisualForce, etc on the Salesforce 1 platform.  This makes all these applications run native on all our mobile devices, including  iOS and Android.


An important aspect of Salesforce 1 is custom branding.  You can now distributed your Salesforce 1 application fully branded for your company.

This gives you instant access to a great mobile platform to access all your Salesforce applications, including communities, Heroku, and ExtactTarget Fuel.

This is an exciting announcement because it really extends the Salesforce ecosystem to mobile users without custom building everything from scratch.  As soon as partners enable their Salesforce based apps for Salesforce 1, you will have instant access to thousands of integrated modules on this platform.

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