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How OS Mavericks Indirectly Impacted Healthcare

A few weeks ago, Apple announces the free upgrade to OS Mavericks. My neighbor upgraded immediately and everything was working fine.

Until today.

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diabetesPrior to his endocrinologist appointments each quarter, he logs onto a website where he can quickly and easily upload his blood sugar numbers prior to his doctor appointment. It’s amazing technology that allows the doctor to track his sugar levels day by day and make the appropriate adjustments to his insulin pump.

This morning, when he logged on, he saw a screen that said that he could not access the website. This is when he called me to come over to figure out the problem. Unfortunately, the problem was OS Mavericks. The medical site was only able to be accessed using Snow Leopard. His other option was to access it from a PC (which he doesn’t own), but not with the most recent versions of Chrome or Firefox.

He had to go to his doctors appointment without providing this information. They were able to pull it off of his pump when he arrived, but the doctor was very frustrated because he wants his patients to upload their information on a regular basis so that he can closely monitor them and make changes immediately.

Technology is moving fast and when one cog in the wheel changes, the rest need to move swiftly to catch up. Meanwhile, my neighbor who has been rigorous in monitoring his diabetes for over 30 years, is now contemplating adding a PC to his list of tools in his arsenal.


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