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Healthcare’s Communication Bridge

It is commonly accepted that successful integration and update of healthcare information systems with clinical management will entail bridging communication between medical professional and technical expertise in data management, processing, and reporting. However, we should also account for sectors of the healthcare industry that are not as directly related as healthcare delivery systems and information processing. Common sectors include public health awareness professionals, patient advocates, social Young Doctors Smilingand counseling services, and financial management. While healthcare delivery and information systems are primary, these mentioned secondary industry sectors are required to support and enhance the entire efficiency of patient clinical management.

Within the secondary sectors, there are additional categories of analyses, measurement, and review that can be applied to introduce additional layers of detail that can optimize performance and quality of patient management. These include determining factors of measurement that can be linked among two or more secondary sectors. These links may include assessment of end goals and predictive expectations. Public health indicators such as scheduled preventive care can be paralleled with primary care physician visits with related diagnoses and treatment. More intricate analyses will include the mapping and review of multiple factors per sector.

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