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Creating First SSRS Report – Part 2

In this post, we are going to create our first report in SSRS.  Excited? Let’s get started.

In order to create a report, we need 2 things:

1.)    Data source: Here, you make connection to your database in Microsoft SQL server, Oracle, Teradata, etc.

2.)    Dataset: Here, you choose your table you want to create reports for.

Open Report Builder on your machine.  If it is already open, you should see something like this:

Adding DataSource:

1.)    Click on New and Select Data source:

2.)    Enter name for your datasource. (Optional)

3.)    Choose “Use a connection embedded in my report”

4.)    Choose Connection Type

5.)    Click on Build:

6.)    Enter your username and password and Click on Test Connection.

7.)    Click OK if you see the window shown below.


Adding Datasets:

1.)    Click on New and Select Data source.

2.)    Enter a name for your dataset. (Optional)

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3.)    Choose Data source (In our case, it should be DataSource1 –if you haven’t renamed)

4.)    Write your SQL Query.


SQL query:










Note: We can also import SQL query using the Import button or use Query designer to write SQL query.


If you have followed all the steps given above, this is how your Report Builder should look:

Let us create our first tabular report.

Create SSRS table report:

1.)    Click on Insert.

2.)    Choose Insert Table.

3.)    Draw the table on the white surface.

4.)    Select ID under DataSet1 and drag it under first column.

5.)    Select Product_Type under Dataset1 and drag it under second column.

6.)    Drag Product_Detail under Dataset1 and drag it under third column.

7.)    Your table should look like this:


Our first report is ready to be viewed.  To view your report, click on Run.

If you want to add columns to your table, right click on any column and select Insert Column.


In my next post, I will show you how to make this report attractive and presentable.  Stay tuned!

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