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Is There a Blurring Line Between CIO and CMO?

@lizasisler asked me to post over on the Microsoft Blog about the blurring line between line between Chief Information Officers (CIO) and Chief Marketing Officers (CMO).  Worth a look.

New World

CMO: Everything they did before but use the social media and digital marketing channels to do so.  Make key technology decisions while getting advice from the CIO and IT. Wield a larger budget to meet the ever changing digital world and ensure you have a place in it.  Hire savvy employees with skills similar to IT resources like the ability to develop in html or javascript and the ability to push a new site live.

CIO: Same as above but with less budget and ability to affect the outcome.  Act as advisor to the CMO on technology decisions.  Use resources to support any technology decisions. Figure out how to secure Marketing’s use of cloud.

Combined: CIO and CMO titles reside in the same person.  I have started to see this within a number of organizations.

Worth a look at the entire post.

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