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Adobe’s State of Mobile Benchmark

Adobe is making a name for itself in the area of digital marketing.  Marketers know that data is necessary to make key decisions and I’m glad to see Adobe providing leadership in this area. When it comes to data about mobile usage, Adobe has published their State of Mobile study on their website, available to anybody. marquee-di-mobile-benchmark-709x300
This study highlights some important data about mobile usage, including the following:

  • Tablets have overtaken phones in the amount of traffic they drive. Think about that. Modern tablets were introduced in 2010. In just 2+ years, they have taken over smartphone traffic.
  • In the Retail industry, tablets are preferred, while in Telecom phones are preferred by a wide margin.
  • Since February 2012, iOS has overtaken Android (again) for browsing
  • Video has grown by 300% on mobile devices, however, the desktop still accounts for almost 90% of video browsing.
  • For online shoppers, tablet users are 3 times more likely to buy versus smartphone users.

This is all good data for those people who are targeting mobile devices.  I’m looking forward to more of these types of studies from Adobe.

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