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7 Top Content Marketing Trends For 2014

@lizasisler pointed me to the Forbes Article on Content Marketing trends.  Jayson DeMers provides a pretty good analysis on the trends and why you should pay attention to them. I like articles like this because they focus on how important value add content from blogs, twitter, etc can drive people to your site and eventually convert them into loyal customers. I’m not going to steal Jayson’s Thunder but I will give the teaser:Content Marketing

  1. Businesses Will Finally be Able to Define Content Marketing
  2. The Top New Marketing Job Title Recruited and Hired will be “Director of Content
  3. Mobile Content Marketing Strategies will Separate Winners from the Rest of the Pack
  4. Calculating Content Marketing ROI Will Spawn New SAAS Software and Companies (already happening)
  5. Businesses Will Look for Ways to Automate Their Content Marketing, and These Efforts Will Fail
  6. Google+ and Slideshare Will Become Essential for B2B Content Marketers
  7. Location-Based Content Marketing Will Provide Huge ROI for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

I’m only going to comment on a couple items.  I love that he says that businesses will fail in automating their content marketing efforts.  I agree but with a caveat.  Attempting to automate content creation will fail and fail miserably.  Automating the processes and data gathering / consumption can provide real value though.

Calculating ROI will always prove to be a challenge.  I hear about marketing attribution problems in almost every conversation I have with a marketer.  So while location based content marketing can provide value, I’m betting it will also deepen the problem in who gets credit for a marketing effort.

But read the entire article.


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