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The Business Intelligence of Healthcare

Numerous industries incorporate core concepts and methodologies of business intelligence to capture and review processed information, develop trending metrics, implement projective analyses, and transform raw data to strategic information to enhance organizational operations. The core opportunity within the healthcare industry that will benefit all aspects of the organization is establishing high standards of care for patient quality and overall healthcare delivery system performance. The integration of hospital-leftbusiness intelligence has the ability to improve standards by implementing methodologies for the maintenance of current healthcare delivery systems while introducing innovative processes that will enable continual improvement.

The foundational categories that are required to integrate an effective business intelligence system will include the capture and data transfer from raw input data files into data that can be incorporated into analytic review, reporting, and graphing presentations to render future goals and strategy. Additionally, pre-defined goals must be established to focus on core competencies and objectives. In maintaining quality and performance, a quality parameter may include accurate diagnoses and follow-up treatment for an ER visit with a mapped performance indicator being time to service and subsequent ER revisits. The incoming ER visit submissions can be aggregated to present data sets to project risk assessment for future ER visits or missed diagnoses. The core methodologies of business intelligence can be utilized to improve on clinical and business aspects of healthcare systems with planning and determined goals.

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