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Lamar's Webinar on An Engaging and Mobile Website

Coming up this Wednesday, Lamar talks about how they created an engaging and mobile website. You can register here.  I helped them do some initial strategy and their approach to using one site to address multiple markets was pretty interesting.  They ended up choosing Sitecore as their Digital Marketing / Web Content Management suite of choice.

LamarLamar Advertising has experienced impressive growth and diversification in the last two decades. When the company decided it needed to improve its existing web presence to more accurately reflect the caliber of marketing the brand is known for, and to better demonstrate how easy it is to advertise with them, Lamar took action.
In this webinar you will learn how Lamar used the Sitecore CMS platform to improve the customer experience and create a fully responsive website that is accessible on any device.
Join the webinar to learn how Lamar is:

  • Increasing customer awareness, allowing Lamar to address the needs of customers in local markets and at the national level
  • Reducing time to market for new content and communications, enabling continuous improvement of the websites
  • Strengthening its brand and creating a more cohesive look and feel across the corporate website as well as more than 150 office sites
  • Empowering each of its local offices with a dedicated sub-site containing information specific to the market

Founded in 1902, Lamar Advertising is the nation’s leading outdoor advertising company, providing marketing solutions in the form of billboards, digital, transit and highway logo signs across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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