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Google’s Investment in Enterprise

This isn’t new news given that this article was published back in July.  But hey, if you missed it like I did then it’s new to you.  CRN has an article with some quotes from a business partner and some stats.  Basically, Google continues to expand it’s enterprise play with Google Search Appliance, Google Apps, Google Drive, etc.  The part regarding Google’s estimated revenue in the enterprise arena.

Technology Business Research estimates that the Google Cloud Platform and Google Apps together accounted for $200 million in revenue during the quarter, a 195 percent jump from last year’s second quarter, Jillian Mirandi, an analyst with TBR, said Thursday in a research note.

If you add up the numbers, you see a $800 million a year run rate.  If it’s growing then they will achieve  $1 billion per year in the very near future.  That’s a full fledged business and something worth watching more closely.

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