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Creating your First Report in SSRS – Part 1

I am splitting this article in 2 parts.  In the first part, I want to talk about all the tools you need to create your first report.  Before reading the 2nd part of this post, make sure you have:

1.)    Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Development Studio

2.)    Report Builder 3.0 (I am going to use Report Builder 2.0)

3.)    SQL Server or Oracle.

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4.)    Revised SQL queries.

All the 4 items listed above are extremely important in creating your reports.  SSRS is a pretty user friendly tool and if an analyst can write SQL queries, he/she can start creating attractive SSRS reports in no time.

I am going to use the table given below in all my posts on SSRS.  We will be querying this table and creating different types of reports.

Consider this table to be a sales table for a store such as Bath and Body works.  This table has the following information:

Fields Description Data Type
ID Identifier (Primary Key) Number
Product _Type Candles, hand sanitizers, perfumes, etc Varchar2
Product Detail Fragrance of the product   such as Strawberry, Vanilla, Eucalyptus, etc Varchar2
In Store Timestamp of the product arrival in store Date
Sold Timestamp of product   sold Date


Please dedicate sometime in installing all the software listed above and creating SQL table on your machine before we dive into the second part of this article

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