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Innovation can happen when we don’t expect it.  Big data innovation is yet to be fully realized as more data crosses the internet in a few seconds than was stored in total a few years ago. New job titles like “data scientist” are emerging around the possibilities.  This new job may be the coolest job in the 21st century.  Data scientists will reveal never before known information about our patients, members and customers.   In a recent seminar, I learned that 88% of CEOs said that using data to gain new insight is their top priority.

Are you ready for “yottabytes”?  A yottabyte is a billion petabytes. Most calculators can’t even display a number of that size, yet the federal government’s most ambitious research efforts are already moving in that direction. In April, the White House announced a new scientific program, called the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, to “map” the human brain. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health, said the project, which was launched with $100 million in initial funding, could eventually entail yottabytes of data.1 The industry is also seeing an explosion of data surrounding human genome sequencing.  Breast cancer screening in the field of personalized medicine used to take a year and now it takes a week.

Indeed, we are entering an explosion of innovation within the “internet of things” … or the “internet of me” … my phone talks to my car… my car talks to my home… my apps follow me from device to device or vehicle to vehicle.   New healthcare regulations require that all devices in our body must be able to map to data in the cloud. How do we use this data?

Visit us at booth #401 at OpenWorld 2013 (#OOW13 ) in the Moscone South Hall during the week of September 23rd to “See the Future” and learn how we are using Endeca in Healthcare to answer Big Data questions.


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Terie McClintock is the Oracle Healthcare Practice Director at Perficient, Inc. where she is responsible for providing healthcare subject matter expertise to the Perficient Oracle National Business Unit while also cultivating and managing the partnership with Oracle’s Healthcare Vertical and Horizontal Business Units. Terie has more than 25 years of IT experience. Prior to joining Perficient, Terie contributed over 13 years at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center with the most recent title of Director, Data Management Services. Prior to M.D. Anderson, Terie worked for IBM as a Senior Consultant.

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