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What do you think is the best Free Office alternative?

Well guess what I think is the best alternative, are you ready? It is Office Web Apps!  Office Web Apps are free versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. If you’re like me, I like to use application that have the same look and feel as the applications I’m used to, in this case it is Microsoft Office. This means I don’t have anything new to learn. Office Web Apps have most of the features of their paid counterparts. They also work across all devices and browsers. They live in the cloud, so you should have access to you files from anywhere. You can easily share your documents through SkyDrive.
If you didn’t already know you get Office Web Apps when working with SharePoint and Office 365. Though the versions in SharePoint and Office 365 may have additional features not present in the general version of Office Web Apps. So you can’t do everything you do in Office 2013, though they will work for most people. Another difference is that you don’t have to wait for updates to be released, being browser-based you get the changes when there made available.
So if you’re looking for an alternative to Office or a place to store your documents, give Office Web Apps a try by logging into SkyDrive.

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