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XBox in Healthcare?

Obviously there’s a lot of excitement going on with the upcoming release of Xbox One.  Ryan Duclos has a new post out about it’s potential outside of gaming and entertainment which frankly is where my mind lies as well.  In my portal world, I seem to spend about 50% of my time with healthcare clients so the potential for Xbox there is pretty interesting.  Let me give you two examples.

Better Healthcare because of Kinect

The HIT Consultant has a blog post on how XBox is transforming gamification in healthcare.  His focus is on the fact that Kinect allows you to move and that moving is healthy. He also has a great quote on what the next version of Kinect will do.

During a presentation for the new Kinect, Microsoft showed off this feature and allowed the media to talk about it, as in these observations by Matt Hickey, shared by fellow Forbes contributor Dan Munro:
“10:23: It’s more sensitive, can read more data points of articulation [referring to the new Kinect camera]
10:23: The sensor can read your heartbeat

Enough said about the obvious possibilities of sensors capturing key and ongoing data about your health.  The consumerization of this is nice. My Dad pays a hefty price for a phone hooked up via bluetooth to a sensor that tracks his hear rate.  Kinect in one or more rooms my do the same but for much less $$.

Kinect as a Surgical Device

Almost two years ago I walked into a hospital IT director’s office and saw the Xbox and Kinect just sitting there.  He explained that it was a beta app for remote surgery.  Well, one hospital in Canada has a video on what they did with Kinect.

So yes, there is a lot of potential for Xbox in Healthcare and Xbox One is bringing up to a new level.

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