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My colleague Brad Nunnally from our XD practice has an interesting talk submitted for SXSW focused on the complexity of making choices and how it can drive customer engagement. Brad speaks extensively at conferences and events on UX related topics and is one of the authors of ‘Designing the Conversation: Techniques for Successful Facilitation (Voices that Matter)’. You can vote for Brad’s talk here and learn more about his proposed topic below.

Our lives’ are full of choices, and the number of choices we get slammed with every day is overwhelming. Especially as the human experience increasingly moves into the digital space – e.g. digital ads heralding four different must-have services. The days of having a small set of options have gone the way of the dodo, and sadly, this isn’t for the betterment of mankind. Modern products need to pull out every trick to get their product in front of consumers, and getting their attention isn’t the hard part. It’s what follows that gets challenging…getting someone to buy a product? Understanding the anatomy of a choice is crucial to surviving the new world of product design. If designers, developers and product owners can better understand how choices are made and, more importantly, why they get made, they will be better equipped to disrupt the market.
This talk explores the complexity of making choices and how an environment built for choice leads to a better customer experience.
Questions Answered
Where is the tipping point between too few and too many choices?
How do you grab a customers’ attention and get them to a state of mind so they can make a choice?
How do you create an environment that facilitates an easy and meaningful choice?
How to encourage engagement through choice?
How is the changing of technology impairing our ability to make better choices?

SXSW panel PickerI think this is an interesting topic, especially when you think of choice as it related to any design effort.  How will you design your web presence, intranet or extranet to give your customers the information they need where they need it without overwhelming them?
For another side of customer engagement if you are interested in learning about SharePoint 2013, Responsive Design and engaging a mobile audience, check out this webinar on August 28th at 1pm CST.
What do you think?  Is Choice the gateway to engagement?  How do you engage your customers? Did you vote for Brad’s SXSW Submission? 🙂

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