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Filling the Gap Between Population & Personalized Health

Recently I read a report on Tech Crunch announcing that Jawbone had snatched Monica Rogati from LinkedIn to be their first VP of Data. This role is meant to focus on further expanding their list of wearables into the world of Quantified Self and Personalized Medicine. Pretty much every business professional should already be familiar with Rogati’s work. If, while on LinkedIn, you have ever received a job recommendation or been provided recommendations for People You May Know, then that was Rogati.

quantifiedWPSo, what do personnel announcements like this mean for healthcare? Everything. In order to change the course of rising healthcare costs and the crisis of chronic conditions, we as an industry are turning towards population health. However, there is a glaring error within the concept of population health. Under population health, the view of doctor as the ultimate gatekeeper to our health and wellness does not change. However, it is the truly engaged healthcare consumer, the one that takes ownership over their health and wellness that will actually change the tide. For this we need personalized medicine.

Fortunately, based on this Jawbone announcement and those like it, we can see that the market is moving to fill this gap. It is the Quantified Self movement that is key to translating population health to the personalized medicine we need to revolutionize the industry. Jawbone is right that it is the harnessing of data that is at the core of making or goals for better health a reality.

You can read more about it in our new white paper Beyond Gamification: Revolutionizing Care with the Quantified Self.



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