Advanced Data Integration with SSIS

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Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s largest companies in a variety of industries. One thing in common with all of these engagements was using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) as the tool of migrating data for the companies’ business intelligence collateral. I have developed some creative technical methods of extending the platform with some complementary Microsoft products. This blog is a first in a series of using SSIS with other Microsoft tools to create breakthrough results. The following are the topics:

  1. How does a company reach across the web to integrate disparate parts of the business when the security constraints do not allow SSIS to connect to the data sources and the data source structure vary per location?
  2. When integrating data from an external business, how can you use SSIS when the third party’s XML is so complex that SSIS does not support it?
  3. How can you leverage SSIS and SharePoint to control a unified chart of accounts on a global scale when every country has its own general ledger system?
  4. How can you shave time off your integration projects and lower the cost of maintenance and support?

Stay tuned into this blog series to learn how you can achieve integration solutions that were thought not to be possible with SSIS and other Microsoft products. These solutions have lowered the implementation costs versus using other custom and third party software products. Additionally, solution complexity was reduced by utilizing one vendor for all of the integration needs.
Andrew Holowaty
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