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The Illustrative Model of Healthcare

It is common practice to develop and assign a visual perspective of the processes and methodologies in organizational change. Can this same approach be applied to the emerging changes of healthcare? An existing example is the food pyramid in describing nutritional foundation. The inherent challenge in developing an applicable visualization in healthcare is applying a design that will allow for periodic changes as regulations are implemented and evaluated. Therefore, it is appropriate to introduce a concept that will bridge the consistent foundations of healthcare delivery systems while allowing for the ever fluctuating environment.

The most applicable example is a wheel, illustrative of the mobile and dynamic nature of the healthcare industry as a whole, while including spokes and inner circular support systems of the wheel account for the layers of healthcare delivery, including but not limited to patient management, provider and payer revenue cycling, and inpatient/outpatient organizational clinical and financial sustainability. The spokes connect the layers of support, therefore fortifying the interdependence of the entire system. For example, the spokes may represent the varying departments in a hospital, while the circular support represents the processing of patient diagnoses and associated treatment methodologies in conjunction with variances in healthcare delivery systems. In summary, the emphasis of any visualized perspective should be focused on the dynamic integration of all aspects diagnosis and treatment.

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