An Integrated view of CMS ACO Shared Savings Program Measures

By Lesli Adams, MPA
Director, Oracle Healthcare Business Intelligence

Claims + Meaningful Use participation + GPRO + Survey = CMS ACO SSP

Simple, right?

How will your facility approach the December 31, 2013 deadline?  Will they cut and paste result sets from 4 or more systems?  Hand code at the top level from a screen shot?  Or does your enterprise have a strategic vision to present an integrated view of the Clinical Measurement world?  33 discrete measures, 33 answers.  Done.  But those 33 measures are a synthesis of outpatient visits, inpatient stays, lab results, pharma compliance, and survey results.  Those 33 measures are a reflection of thousands of patients and thousands of man hours for no less than hundreds of doctors and nurses.

At Perficient, we see those 33 measures as an opportunity to take the blindfold off of patient care; a way to let the leadership at the hospital, the doctors, the nurses, and the care team discover how each unique event with each unique patient becomes population health.

Using Oracle’s Enterprise Health Analytics, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, and Perficient’s Clinical Measurement Framework, we have integrated the solution to aggregate the data, map the data to each discrete measure, across the domains, and we understand how the data is a synthesis of claims, survey, and the data you may currently put I the GPRO web interface.

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CMS ACO SSP Measure Summary

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