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I’m at the Salesforce Customer Company tour.   Before they started their main session, they brought a couple people up to talk about uses of social.  Here are some quick notes on those interviews.

They started with a great example of a company which provides vaccines to a variety of third world countries.  They use Salesforce Chatter and sensors in vaccine refrigeration units to track that the vaccines are viable when they arrive.  If you want to talk about a use of social that pushes data to the cloud this is a great example.

Mikael Malamut of Cloudaware uses events from Amazon, Heroku, Saleforce, and other systems to push those events to a chatter feed. IT groups can then monitor everything on the feed.  This allows IT to be much more proactive

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JDRF a diabetes charitable organization, came to the stage.   They have a diverse customer base of volunteers, board members, interested parties, etc.  They use salesforce in the fund raising process.  They use it to coordinate among a variety of those constituents.  Biggest quote, “We don’t want to migrate to a new system every 10 years.  We want to have a continual upgrade process that keeps us going without a major migration”

Yusef Taid ?? of Accenture talked about his cloud practice which is doubling every year.  They have had seen a huge increase in interest over the eight years of their relationship with Salesforce.  SaaS is at the center of the business transformation at their clients.  It was funny to note that the IT component comes behind the business aspect.  They use experience centers in major metropolitan areas to help highlight the capabilities of SaaS based systems.  “The message to clients should not be about how you do things better but about how you do things different.

Best Quote: We are changing the engines while the plane is in flight.



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