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What is the pre-requisite skill set for learning Adobe CQ5?

I am asked by clients all the time….what pre-requisite skill set is required to learn CQ5?  The answer depends on the role.

In the web experience management world, there are several roles to consider: WCM/WEM architect, J2EE Integration Specialist, and CQ5 developer.

First the WCM/WEM Architect:

You need someone who’s done it using other WCM platforms. Someone with prior WCM implementation experience will know what to look for and what to avoid…and will have a good sense for how the project should be planned. It requires J2EE architect skills for sure, but more importantly, it requires WCM architect skills. With this background, a good WCM arch can get up to speed in a matter of days with Adobe.  I Don’t recommend staffing someone in this capacity before he’s had a chance to be the integration specialist role. CQ does have some best practices that can only be learned in the job.

Second the J2EE Integration Specialist:

J2EE – it’s all about JAVA here….experience with SSO, SEO, integration, databases, web services, and Caching is essential to implementing and delivering a robust WEMs tool.  These folks can learn the CQ5 technology in a day, because Adobe CQ5 is based on standards.

Third, the CQ5 developer:

JavaScript! HTML, CSS and Javascipt! The CQ5 developer role is all about the front end, so JavaScript is a must.  Responsive design is now the standard, so a good understanding of the different CSS frameworks is key.  Oh and yes, you need CQ5 developer training, which has a J2EE pre-requisite, but don’t let that prevent you from sending a newbie java guy to the training. Templates and components is what they’ll be doing, so the training is important. We actually do most of this in house, but that is because we are a consultancy specializing in CQ5 implementations and migrations.

Hopefully this helps you in planning for upcoming CQ5 development projects.  

Thoughts on “What is the pre-requisite skill set for learning Adobe CQ5?”

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  2. Robert Sumner

    Recently, I was challenged on how quickly a J2EE Specialist can learn CQ5. You can read here:

    After re-reading the above, I agree…it somewhat implies that you can become proficient in the CQ5 technology in a day; however, it is more accurate to say that the J2EE Specialist can learn the architectural framework in a day, not the entire technology stack. As with all things…it takes practice to become proficient and learn the nuances of any technology.

  3. Saso Jovanovski

    I got a job offer as a CQ5 Developer got the CQ5 Advanced developer training. I have a B.S. in Information Technology . I have worked and figure it out how HTML, PHP, Javascrip, CSS and Java work on my own. I can say that I’m not newbie nor expert. On what language should I concentrate mostly? and What would be the main thing that I would be doing as CQ5 developer?

  4. Very interesting, as a front end developer, with just html5, css and js, jquery experience, I have been thrown into developing front end solutions in CQ and can testify that without prior knowledge in the above mentioned skills, it is incredibly challenging. To date offered no training but a lot of demands on delivery, some of most demoralizing, stressful working weeks of my entire life!

  5. Hi,

    Actually I am a HTML, PHP Developer with Javascrip, CSS , and I want to learn Adobe CQ5. And I hear that Java is must to learn, is it true? But I don’t have Java skill. Let me know can i learn or not?

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