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Microsoft Partner of the Year today, what’s next tomorrow?

This has been an incredibly exciting week at Perficient. Earlier this week we were named Microsoft’s United States Partner of the Year. This recognition is not to be taken lightly. We were hand picked out of every partner in the United States and declared the most critical to Microsoft’s business. The award isn’t specific to any one region or district but rather covers all regions and districts. This award isn’t specific to anyone industry solution, but rather it recognizes our capabilities across all vertical segments. This award isn’t even specific to our influence within any one technology area, but rather this award recognized our influence across the entire Microsoft stack. That’s why we viewed this award as the most important award for our organization and that’s why we targeted it.
Last year, we won runner-up for the same award. Second place, albeit huge in itself, just wasn’t acceptable for our team. Coming into this year we knew we had to ensure we were differentiating ourselves to achieve the #1 spot. We achieved this through our relationships, delivery, and marketing. Helping our customers and Microsoft win every with every opportunity.
Now that we have achieved this elite status we aren’t stopping there. My team will be working double duty this year to ensure we continue keeping Microsoft at the center of all our activities. Changing direction when Microsoft does and ensuring our sales and delivery team knows the latest and greatest from Microsoft. Perficient will be investing more in cloud services and Windows App Development to ensure we are helping Microsoft achieve their goals of transitioning to a devices and services organization.
Microsoft continues to lead in business and is innovating with technologies like Office 365 and Azure. At the same time, Microsoft is bridging the gap to the consumer space with technologies like Windows 8, Surface, and Windows Phone. Frankly, I’m excited to see how the Kinect find its way into the professional world – especially in industries like healthcare and manufacturing. There is truly no one else that can do this as well as Microsoft. I look forward to another year of innovation and releases and could not be more proud to help Microsoft get these innovations off the ground.  I truly believe that there is no better time than now to be a Microsoft Partner… Let alone being their Partner of the Year!

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Tony Pagnusat

I'm a Microsoft Alliance Manager for Perficient. As the Alliance Manager I am primarily responsible for managing channel relationships including: partner identification, recruitment, development and management. In role, I cover the eastern half of the United States for Microsoft and all Microsoft related relationships. I also manage our Microsoft National Systems Integrator relationship.

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