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Defining the Customer Experience: Don’t Stalk Me

Back in March, I mentioned a Global Survey Oracle did on customer experience.  That’s been a hot topic of late in my world.  As part of that survey, they continue to build off of the nuggets of information found in that survey. Emil Fernandez pointed me to an update on that survey that includes a video on millenials and how they wish to engage or be engaged.  The short video highlights a few way they would prefer to engage. I found it hilarious that at about 45 seconds, one teenager says, “But don’t stalk me.”  It’s mocking hilarious. It just matches a lot of conversations I’ve had lately with clients as we determine where personalization becomes creepy and crosses the line.  The fact is that we are gathering so much information about our users that we can cross that line pretty easily.

Millenial Video showing kids in a city

Can’t embed the video so clicking takes you to the video on the survey site

This hearkens back to something I learned from Saren Sakurai back in January as he and I presented on the Social CMO.  Engaging a consumer involves:

  1. Awareness
  2. Engagement
  3. Acquisition
  4. Retention

When it came to Engagement, Saren said, “Seek out the audience, Listen, Be Native, Sell Last”   The last item, sell last, is where you decide to be creepy and stalk someone or not.   So yes, don’t stalk me is a good mantra to have.

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