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The ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ for Banking Transformation

2013 will be a momentous year in which banks and financial services companies will be forced to innovate or get left behind, transform or face regulatory challenges, and embrace change or see profits dwindle.  Perficient showcased its new E-book, “2013 Bank Transformation Guide” at Bank Innovation where we engaged in similar discussions with some of the top financial innovators, technologists, marketers, and channel strategists looking for a roadmap to stay ahead while faced with the next wave of digital banking innovation.  As the industry continues to experience digital disruption and we battle new digital customer expectations, this guide should serve as your “silver linings playbook”  for leading transformation at your bank in a number of areas.  Here’s a summary of the key takeaways:Bank Transformation Guide Coversilver linings playbook

Tailor banking to an app-driven and mobile-centric world.   Now is the time to optimize bank branded mobile payment offerings with the proliferation of mobile devices and digital platforms for banking and making payments. This ultimately calls for not only an update of core transaction processing capabilities, but banks need to offer better tools to help their customers optimize transaction choices.  Banks are also looking to take their mobile banking strategies to the next level with tablets.  In our Bank Transformation Guide, we’ve taken a closer look at mobile payment trends, the future of tablets in banking, and how financial services companies can capitalize on these opportunities to strengthen customer loyalty and improve profitability.

Learn to understand and engage the digital banking customer.  Through a combination of best practices, technology tools, and efficient project team structures, financial services companies can achieve success with business intelligence and analytics.  Many banks lack a roadmap to implement programs or open the doors to their data vaults. We hold the keys to unlock our customer’s success.  Our Bank Transformation Guide dives into the use social listening, challenges of Big Data and tips to to get your organization on the right path.

Embed social, collaboration and contextual targeting in your online channels.  With the ongoing push in the financial services industry to merge, acquire and grow, it’s not too surprising to see the amount of customer data, web content, and related metadata growing at an astonishing rate. Enterprise content management (ECM) should be thought of as a comprehensive enterprise approach to unifying data and making it available at the right time, at the right place, and to the right person.  As banks look to develop a more personalized and relevant online banking experience, our Bank Transformation Guide covers the latest trends, segmentation strategies, and data governance policies to give you the ability to deliver more compelling offers and value-added services.

Remove vulnerabilities and make regulation work for you.  Vulnerabilities within a bank’s operations and IT infrastructure are cause for great concern.  As a result,  risk management and regulatory compliance should be a vital and integral part of your organization’s business strategy. To help banks address these concerns, our Bank Transformation Guide focuses on the importance of conducting enterprise risk assessments and identifies specific domains for analyzing risk within the IT department.

For details on these four trends transforming digital banking, I encourage you to check out Perficient’s engaging E-book here. We’d love to hear your opinions on these trends (and others) shaping the financial services industry and how your organization is planning for the next generation of solutions.

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Elizabeth Dias

Elizabeth Dias is an experienced technology marketing strategist focused on the financial services and retail industry at Perficient. With over nine years of experience as a professional business-to-business (B2B) marketer, Elizabeth is knowledgeable in technology strategies for the financial services industry focusing on mobile banking and payments, data analytics, and enterprise information management. She also closely follows the fintech community as well as tech trends in social and digital, and is also an active blogger and thought leader on Twitter (@techmktggirl).

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