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Healthcare Delivery Strategy – Goals or Remediation

As healthcare delivery systems are currently engaged in updates and integration of regulations and standards in adherence with Federal and State guidelines, we can begin to address the core perspective of the required strategy. It is common during all relevant discussions of the modeling of the new healthcare delivery system to focus on core strategy and associated methodologies that will enable integration of processes. It is useful to ponder – what are the foundation of the strategy? Does establishing and reaching pre-determined goals take priority over interim remediation of any gaps in implementation? If it is the latter option, how flexible is an organization in re-establishing goals and their corresponding timeline?

A similar perspective in addressing this concept is the prioritization of preventing challenges before an end-goal assessment is established. There will be inherent variations based on what the determined goals are by organization, provider, and disease diagnosis and treatment. However, there is a core foundation that during the early stages of reorganizing it will be necessary to have assessment loopback methodologies in place to ascertain established goals that are parallel to the process of implementation. If there are nuances that are not in alignment with goals, interested stakeholders can re-evaluate the process prior to key milestones. Based on observed differences, when does this change mandate the discussion of new goals with an appropriate timeline? The entirety of a process is not limited to the initiation and completion, but a comprehensive planning on managing the interim changes and their influence on overall outcomes and expectations.

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