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Open Sans, possibly the most popular font you don’t know about.

If you’ve never heard of it, the Google Font directory is an online repository of free, open-source fonts that have been web optimized and ready for your use.  There are hundreds of them from Display to Handwriting, Serif to Sans Serif.  The Sans Serif is the home of Open Sans by Steve Matteson.
With the release of Analytics data on each fonts use, Steve has staked his claim as king of the free fonts by taking a commanding lead for both first and second spots for most used fonts….he actually has the number four position as well. If you select the one year time frame you can see Open Sans has 61 Billion views over the past year.  Now that’s some big numbers.
We’ve used the Google Webfont directory for quite a few projects now.  The selection is massive, the reliability is high (with Google doing all the hosting) and most importantly it saves our clients time and money.  Have you used Open Sans or any other font in this directory?  Which is your favorite?

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