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Gartner Portal, Content and Collaboration – Opening Session

Live blogging from the Gartner summit in San Diego, CA

Engaging at the nexus of Social, Mobile, Information and Cloud.  Innovation supports a new reality.

The threat to China is the 3D printer and the reality is innovation is around us that are trivial and some that are game changing.  They need to be in the context of our lives.  Disruption is around us.  We have to react to the disruptions.  We need to apply disruptions in a positive way.  Don’t be a deer in headlight when it comes to disruption because they get hit by a car.  You want to be a cape buffalo.  They strategize, are tough and never stop.  When you stop you get hit.

Revolutionary step on an evolutionary path.

Base is moving from tech providers to tech consumers.  Frictionless sync of content.  Content in context.  Shared content can save us on email by up to 20%.  The key is people.  They chose the tech and the solution to get the value they need.

IT is moving out the decision tree.  They are no longer an access point in the consumer of technology.  Web Oriented Architecture revolution.

Nexus Era – combined forces to change how you work, live and play.

Culture of we, engaged, experience oriented, informed not ignorant, value not price and connected and not isolated.

We need to figure out how to mine that time.  When the consumers meet the enterprise they demand collaboration, seamless communication, social sharing, instant processing, no boundaries connecting and IT MUST BE ENTERTAINING.  Don’t be there to stop, be there to support and teach how to use safely.

Introducing the business consumers. No longer users, consuming at work, information rich, IT averse, team motivators, and self directed.  We need change our practices to meet their names.    The Nexus is the organizing framework for disruptive innovation.  Social, mobile, cloud and information.  Reflective patterns indicate transformative opportunities at many levels.  The  effects of mobile, social, cloud and information coming together provide one of the greatest opportunities in IT and serving the business consumer.  Don’t be a fish who only knows that when a rock drops that is all you see, go to the top and see what the effects of the ripples are and their effects.

Consumer Nexus examples: Amazon, ZipCar, NearPics and Friendsurance all collide multiple disruptions to provide better outcomes.

Structured data is a barrier to true insights.  Everytime you sample you lose data. You lose data, you can’t provide the right insights and you will in turn lose consumers – who ever they are.

Enterprise class is yesterday and small potatoes.  We need to move to global class deliver.  Global class architecture is: Multi tenant, federated, API-driven, Service Oriented.  The cloud is growing faster than our ability to change.

Social: we are smarter than I.  Social being measureable through the social graph.  Social, intent, consumption, interest and mobile graphs are key to the unstructured experience.

Mobile eliminates location, time and platform as determinants of the ability to access and interact.  PC style is going away.  Moving to gesture, touch, talk and swipe experience.  Goodbye to roll, click, lean and type.  You have to rethink your designs to get to the mobile designs.

A tweet is small data, but a trending topic is BIG data.  By 2015 big data will create 1M new jobs.

The IT Diaspora.  IT is moving OUT of the IT department.  Move from a prescriptive IT org to an adaptive IT org.  IT can’t go away, but change how it interacts with its consumers ON EVERY LEVEL.  Job is to deliver value FROM tech and NOT choosing the technology.

What will be your engagement initiative? 

Change the customer engagement model.  Must cross traditional boundries.  Consumers come in many types.  How will you engage them?

If you build it they will not come unless you give them a reason to be there.  You need to build a space for purposeful collabortive work environment.

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