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The SOCIAL story continues to evolve for Microsoft. In particular the social story related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM continues to evolve.
Help accelerate your success with social: In 2012 Microsoft Dynamics CRM (CRM) introduced its own internal social networking components to allow users to connect and share unstructured but useful data throughout the enterprise. With the purchase of Yammer last year by Microsoft, CRM now includes full and robust integration of Yammer throughout the CRM experience. Yammer allows CRM and non-CRM users to share information in a private social network. This allows employees to be more transparent with information about their customers and prospects.
Social monitoring and analytics: Earlier this year Microsoft announced the acquisition of Netbreeze. The capabilities acquired with Netbreeze will enable Microsoft to bring social analytics and monitoring to CRM customers to help them drive sales, optimize campaigns and engender customer loyalty. You can read more details about the Netbeeze in the Press Release from Bob Stutz. The Netbreeze functionality will be embedded directly into CRM and should not be of any additional charge to organizations when this rolls out later this year.
Drive business agility: Last year Microsoft also acquired MarketingPilot. This is a full-fledged marketing tool that will enable organizations to take advantage of outreach with their clients and prospects.  This Integrated Marketing Management Tool has four core components: marketing resource management, campaign management, spend management and media buying and planning. These components will allow for more touch points with clients through a very personal and private communication channel. MarketingPilot is a stand-alone product with connections directly into the CRM marketing module. These is an extra cost for this functionality.
CRM empowers users to better understand their clients with connection to InsideView and D&B/Hoovers. This enables professional sales people to have good business intelligence prior to interacting with their prospect and clients. CRM is also enabled with links to Twitter and LinkedIn to view data from there two site contextually directly inside CRM. This is useful and powerful to help take the experience to the next level within CRM.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the social experience. This experience is leading to better user adoption from users and quicker ROI for organizations. A connected system with social interactions allow for everyone to quickly communicate with one another. Let me know about your social experience with CRM and I will keep you posted with the latest info on what Microsoft is doing.

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