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Don’t miss the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp

I know that in my last post I promised my next post would be focused on getting runtime information from your application, but I really felt that it was important to share an event that’s coming up in a couple of weeks (I really will get around to writing the post I intended next). April 27th marks the Global Windows Azure Boot Camp. This event is hosted at many locations around the world and is a full-day in depth look at Windows Azure led by experienced trainers. Two of the best things about the event include it being held on a Saturday (so “I can’t get out of work” is usually not an excuse) and it being free. All you need to do is register and show up with a machine running Visual Studio 2012 with the Azure tools installed. I plan to go to the event in Columbus, OH so maybe I’ll see some of you there. For more information and to register for an event near you, go to and get signed up while there are still open spots.

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