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How do providers become a trusted source for online information?

I read an article this week about considerations for how physicians should handle “prescribing” smartphone apps to patients. Using an app to track calories is not exactly high risk, but using an app to track your blood pressure could be critical to your well-being. This also highlights the importance of proactively engaging patients to direct them to trusted sources of information on-line.  Provider organizations can become a trusted source of information by leveraging both one to one (1:1) and one to many (1:m) communications.

Technology innovation has accelerated and behaviors and expectations have evolved as a result.  Healthcare consumers are now always connected; always aware and always sharing. Providers must embrace the customer experience as a sustainable differentiator and manage patient experiences by understanding and delivering the experiences that their patients want.  My colleague, Melody Smith Jones, Manager, Connected Health (@MelSmithJones) describes engaged patients as “e-Patients”:

  • equipped with smartphone, tablets, Internet, WiFi, laptop, etc.
  • enabled with instant access to information 24x7x365
  • empowered to be actively involved in their care
  • engaged to effect change.1

The Oracle Patient Engagement platform is defined as a “community-centered collaborative platform for access, wellness and health empowerment.  The solution enables organizations to manage screening, identify health gaps, manage wellness and understand risk, then measure and report on improvements, for a defined population or community” 2.  Key feature / function points include:

  • Online access to education, personalized support, social media
  • Scheduling across the enterprise
  • Multi-channel access to call center for triage, health coaching
  • Health screening, health gaps, and risk assessments
  • Access to comprehensive patient profile from many different sources and types
  • Secure communication between patient, providers, care professionals
  • Marketing and community outreach
  • Population / Community health management
  • Easy access to health information, transactional processes
  • Track interactions, relationships, goals and preferences.

Perficient is uniquely positioned to provide both strategic consulting and technology innovation to help meet these challenges through our partnership with Oracle and experience implementing social collaborative technologies via Oracle platforms such as WebCenter Suite, RightNow, and other CX solutions.

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2 Anita Salinas, Boston Healthcare Day, March 21, 2013


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Terie McClintock

Terie McClintock is the Oracle Healthcare Practice Director at Perficient, Inc. where she is responsible for providing healthcare subject matter expertise to the Perficient Oracle National Business Unit while also cultivating and managing the partnership with Oracle’s Healthcare Vertical and Horizontal Business Units. Terie has more than 25 years of IT experience. Prior to joining Perficient, Terie contributed over 13 years at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center with the most recent title of Director, Data Management Services. Prior to M.D. Anderson, Terie worked for IBM as a Senior Consultant.

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