Treat the Asthma, but forget about the GYN exam?

By Lesli Adams, MPA
Director, Oracle Healthcare Business Intelligence

The Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) Statistical Brief was just released showing that as a total society (the whole, entire USA), Women are mostly likely to be seen for Asthma/COPD, then Upper Respiratory, then Pregnancy, and then Mental Disorders.  Private payors payed more than 50% of the non-mental Health claims and 1/3 of the Mental health claims were paid by Medicare.

So here’s the $50M question (inflation, no longer $50k).  If your organization or the ACO that you are affiliated with is responsible for prevention and screening of Women aged 18 to 39, the why does the list of the Top 4 omit Cervical Cancer or  Breast Cancer Screenings?  Have we lost sight of the ball? Or have we not focused on the target, yet?  Yes, the target is two-fold; treat acute events AND prevent the avoidable.  But how?

How do you build analytics that you are simultaneously screening women and managing them as “whole” bodies and then also triaging and treating acute conditions?  How do you see your blind spots before they become blind spots?  How do you treat, screen, and counsel each patient at the point of care?

You need holistic reporting and analysis and combined clinical protocols with advanced auto-mining technologies.

eidOracle’s Endeca Information Discovery tool is the Industry’s Game Changer in discovering the blind spots in clinical care and variation to protocols.  Alerts for populations and individuals can be set and triggered if care deviates from targets.  Couple the “mining” of Endeca with a Patient Portal that serves up individualized content, you can now inform your patient that not only are they due for a refill of Albuterol but they also need to confirm their Mammography appointment.  For more information on how the Endeca solution can mine through real time clinical events and discover “holes” in under treatment or “redundancies” in over treatment, please contact .

More Information about the MEPS Statistical Brief can be found at

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