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Highlights from Org Innovation Session at Bank Innovation

The “Best Practices in Organizational Innovation” session was loaded with great quotes, content and covered a lot of ground. Led by Matt Wilcox, Harry Bandicourt and Sam Maule, conversation moved from Sam’s bright socks (P.S. I see this trending at next year’s Bank Innovation conference) to his definition of organizational innovation, “Getting Sh*t Done”.  Innovation doesn’t always equate to technology applications either.  Matt shared a story where a staff member dressed up as “Shreddie Krueger” and the bank sponsored a “Shred Day” that brought people into the bank branches and provided value to their customers.  I had a good laugh over this one.  Matt, I want to see a picture of the costume!

Org Innov 2

The guys at Fifth Third Bank and Zions Bancorp gave some great examples of how they’re leading innovation within their organization.  The biggest takeaway for me was a theme discussed throughout the conference.  The panelists made some great points about focusing on what banks do best and relying on the startup/fintech community to link to the rest.  That in combination with some “fresh blood” helps drive organizational innovation.

For more great quotes and best practices from the session check out the Twitter highlights. 

Org Innov Storify

More and more, banks are relying on solution and service providers to make their jobs easier, provide a competitive advantage and be more personal with their customers.  This is definitely a message we deliver to our financial services customers.  As a systems integrator, we’ve worked with clients to solve a number of customer-centric banking challenges.  From overcoming compliance innovation roadblocks and data challenges, to addressing payment strategies and financial services portal solutions, we’ve helped our clients not only innovate but get “stuff” done (sans colorful socks).

This was a really awesome session at Bank Innovation guys. Well done!

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