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Case Study: State Government Website Migration to SharePoint

Perficient recently worked with a state government to move its existing public website to SharePoint 2010. Upgrading to a newer technology would enable the state to save financially and make technical improvements while keeping pace with its evolving business demands. The migration would also provide for the standardization of state agency websites on a single solution with a common content management system.
Here is an excerpt from the case study describing the solution:

To deliver value quickly while minimizing impact on end users and content authors, Perficient leveraged automated processes, where applicable, to move content into the new environment. Perficient leveraged Kapow Software’s migration tool, Katalyst, to develop a consistent and reusable process capable of migrating information managed in the Autonomy WCM platform. Utilizing Katalyst, legacy content was systematically transformed, formatted and migrated to the new SharePoint environment. Perficient streamlined the migration process, automating the extraction and transformation of content, metadata, and taxonomy for the new SharePoint solution. Perficient was able to move content in one tenth of the time it would take to manually migrate, and at a reduced cost.
Within the legacy portal, a portion of agency sites were not on the Autonomy TeamSite platform, or used custom development. For these sites, automated content migration was not feasible. In order to migrate, the customizations and legacy content had to be manually refashioned and recreated in the new environment. To deliver value early and often, Perficient established three parallel work steams. The first encompassed initial platform development and configuration. The second work stream of custom application development utilized Perficient developers who specialize in Microsoft technologies. This involved rebuilding code to replicate certain functionality found within the legacy portal. The Perficient team integrated the new code into the SharePoint environment.

Overall, the team migrated more than 200,000 different resources — forms, documents, specific agency pages and links — into the SharePoint environment, unifying the sites on one common platform and architecture.
To read the case study in its entirety, including the full solution and resulting business value, click here.

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