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Provide Better Customer Service and Gain Insight into your Call/Contact Center’s Performance

The Salesforce Service Cloud is helping companies provide stellar customer service across many channels. With the continuing growth of customer service access points, it’s important to have a comprehensive view of your entire spectrum of customer support. Whether it’s your call center, social media channels, email support, online communities, etc., insight into all of these channels enables you to monitor your customer service, have visibility into your customers, and improve satisfaction and loyalty among your customer base.


Salesforce Service & Support Dashboard

There’s no need to start from scratch when establishing your Call/Contact Center’s dashboards to measure performance.  Salesforce offers a FREE dashboard to get started.

Tip #1

Go to the appexchange and search “Service & Support Dashboards”.  Salesforce Labs offers a free dashboard that can be configured to report on your organization’s Call/Contact Center performance.

Tip #2

The dashboard is a starting point for your organization.  It is configured for standard, out-of-the box fields.  To optimize for your organization, you may have to modify picklists, add your custom fields, and perhaps integrate it into your other systems (e.g., CTI).

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Share Knowledge with your Customers via the Web and FaceBook

Salesforce Knowledge is a template that enables you to share knowledge on a public website.  It helps your customer service agents and your customers find the correct answers fast to questions and problems.


Get started fast by visiting the appexchange and searching for “public knowledge”.  Salesforce Labs offers a free download of the “Public Knowledge Base”.  See the public knowledge base in action here.


Share your Knowledge! Customize the knowledge template to fit your business and then Salesforce site technology enables you to easily share everything publicly where Google or any other search engine indexes your information.


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