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Investing in Change Management to Drive Healthcare Outcomes

I attended a session at the HIMSS 2013 Conference yesterday entitled, Healthcare Kaizen, Daily Improvement, Not Just Events that Mark Graban, MSME, MBA, presented. At a technology conference it was refreshing to hear how technology should not be the only focus to improving care.

In today’s healthcare environment, big strategic initiatives are all the rage. Business Intelligence, ICD-10, Meaningful Use, Patient engagement, ACO, pick your flavor. All these things have one common goal-improve healthcare outcomes, be it patient care, cost reduction or increase in operational efficiencies. Given the financial incentives tied ppblogto many of these larger healthcare initiatives, many organizations are investing millions of dollars in technology to help them achieve the aforementioned. But what most organizations don’t realize is that you need to invest not only in technology, but in the people and processes within the organization to drive optimal care.

You can implement all the latest and greatest technology in the world but until there is some level of change management associated with people and processes the true goal of improved outcomes will never be fully achieved. Just as technology needs to be updated, people and processes need to undergo continuous improvements. As Mr. Graban pointed out in his presentation, the practice of Kaizen and Lean Healthcare is encouraging and offering structure to this much needed change.

Though change is inevitable, it is never an easy task. Just as it is difficult to implement technological change, so is changing behavior. Peter Scholtes once said, “People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.” Therefore, it is up to healthcare organizations and its leadership to understand the positive impact of investing in its people and processes. Without doing so, in a non-threatening manner as Mr. Graban pointed out, optimal patient care is just a mere thought.

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Priyal Patel

Priyal Patel is a healthcare industry expert, strategist and senior solutions architect for Perficient. With more than 10 years of healthcare industry experience, Priyal is a trusted advisor to C-level executives, senior managers and team members across clinical, business, and technology functions. Priyal has a proven track record of helping providers and health plans execute enterprise-level transformation to drive business, clinical, financial and operational efficiencies and outcomes.

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