CRM Related Teams Dominate the Requests for Big Data
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CRM Related Teams Dominate the Requests for Big Data

I read an article this week about Big Data. The article is based on a Microsoft survey and states that the most dominate users of Big Data are Sales, Marketing and Customer Support. You can view the full details of the eWeek article here. The obvious interface for a lot of this data would be Microsoft Dynamics CRM to see a mash-up of all data from the enterprise to more effectively do their jobs. Perficient has been involved with customers big data needs for years. The Big Data push for Perficient has been related to  Financial Services and Healthcare but there are many industries that have a need for this amount/type of data.
For many years we have seen the growth of CRM data from many different sources. If it is the integration with ERP systems, website, order processing, etc. the need for more and more data continues to change and grow. It is important that CRM tools in the enterprise have the right level of robustness available to handle all needs for all groups/departments. With Big Data as a primary driver for more business intelligence, it helps to provide sales, service and marketing leadership with a powerful tool to manage their day to day business. Let me know your insight on big data!

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