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Corvette Redesign Revealed

The video highlighting the new design of the Chevrolet Corvette has been revealed, and it’s mighty impressive. What’s more impressive about the video is all the passion, creative thought and desire for greatest that is expressed by the designers of the new model is the very same thing that drives us as Experience Designers. As I was watching the video below, one thought hit me pretty hard. Why is it a given that so much time, effort and craftsmanship given towards the design of a car, but the same amount of time, effort and craftsmanship isn’t always applied to the digital world.
The process followed by many Experience Designers isn’t all the different from the design process shown in the reveal. We start off with a desire to learn and understand, then we move on to creating a vision and making sure that vision works. Finally, we put the final touches on our digital darlings to ensure they are set up for success.
Take the time to watch this short 3 minute video, and notice the emphasis on detail and collaboration. This is the level of craftsmanship that we strive for when designing for the digital space.

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Brad Nunnally

Brad has been practicing the craft of User Experience for the past 4 years. During that time he has helped clients in the financial, health care management, public utilities, and pharmaceutical management industries. He's provided them with deep insight into their customers and users, and designed engaging experiences that were catered directly for their customers and users. As a Senior User Experience Consultant at Perficient, he's performed a variety of UX activities that allows him to build an empathic link to a variety of people that directly informs the designs he creates. These activities cover the full spectrum of research, modeling, design, and testing. Brad's passion in User Experience Design is centered around the modeling of data gained from user research and the creation of interactive prototypes and wireframes. He's mentored and presented on these two aspects of User Experience Design to people around St. Louis, MO and across the country.

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