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A UI Redesign of the US Electronic Medical Records System

The US Electronic Medical Records System (EMS) contains a lot of information. The problem with the current system is that the data isn’t presented in a way that makes it actionable. In other words, the user interface needs a revamp to present a better user experience.
Last November a design challenged was proposed by the White House – Redesign the Electronic Medical Records system. The challenge drew over 230 submissions and this week, the White House has picked a winner.
Rarely do companies get the chance to propose ideas that could impact millions of people. It’s not just that though. This goes beyond designing just a system to designing something that has the potential to improve healthcare in the US and improve how doctors and patients interact.
One of the key ideas of the winning design is to treat our medical history not as just a linear set of doctor visits, but to present data in a more holistic approach, allowing doctors to track patient issues and results from prescriptions. This tool isn’t just for doctors though. There are tools that will help patients understand what symptoms to be aware of and track medications. And, as could be expected in our ever-increasing mobile lives, this tool will not only be available on your desktop, but also on your phone.
Take a look at the winning design and read more here.

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