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Microsoft BitLocker Windows 8 Server 2012 New Features

Bitlocker has been around for sometime, and with most Microsoft products gets better with versions.
There has been some really good improvements and features added to the Server 2012, Windows 8 platforms.
Bitlocker Provisioning
Windows 8 is now deployable to an encrypted state during installation prior to calling setup.
Used Disk Space Only Encryption
BitLocker now offers two encryption methods, Used Disk Space Only and Full volume encryption. Used Disk Space Only allows for a much quicker encryption experience by only encrypting used blocks on the targeted volume.
Standard User PIN and Password Change
Allows a standard user to change the BitLocker PIN or password on operating system volumes and the BitLocker password on data volumes, reducing internal help desk call volume.
Network Unlock
Enables a BitLocker system on a wired network to automatically unlock the system volume during boot (on capable Windows Server 2012 networks), reducing internal help desk call volumes for lost PINs.
Support for Encrypted Hard Drives for Windows
Windows 8 includes BitLocker support for Encrypted Hard Drives.

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