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Webinar: Manage Your Web Content with SharePoint 2013

For the past decade, it seems as if technology advances each and every day. Today, technology makes it possible to communicate with businesses and individuals around the globe from almost anywhere. What once required a hard-wired Internet connection and a bulky computer can now be achieved with a portable mobile device.
Of course, coping with these rapid changes in technology can be an arduous task. In some cases, what was considered groundbreaking a few years ago is now becoming uncompetitive, or even obsolete. At Perficient, many clients are looking to develop and execute on strategies that provide a first-class experience for these devices. Organizations are also investing in search and content targeting techniques to provide a richer, more focused experience for customers.
SharePoint is a powerful web content management platform – and it’s even better with the 2013 release. Join us Wednesday, January 30th, 2013, at 1 p.m. CT for the webinar “Manage Your Web Content with SharePoint 2013 Mobility and Search.” During the webinar,  Travis Nielsen, a Director within Perficient’s SharePoint practice, will show attendees a SharePoint 2013 implementation and demonstrate how to leverage the platform’s new WCM capabilities.
If you’ve already registered for the webinar and want to learn more about these topics, check out our Microsoft Blog. We have numerous blog posts on SharePoint 2013, mobility, and search.

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  1. Hi Taylor –
    Is this webinar available for on-demand viewing anywhere? I found it very helpful and would like to share it with my colleagues, if possible. Thanks!

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