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The Worst Ideas of CES 2013

Strategy and Consulting - The Digital Essentials, Part 2
The Digital Essentials, Part 2

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Every time I work with or read an article from a thought leader in Perficient’s Experience Design practice I always learn something new about designing solutions for and around users whether it be a web portal, mobile site or innovative hardware solution.  This really makes me scratch my head and say “What were they thinking?” when I see a fringe product or solution that was built or implemented in a manner where it looks like no thought was given to who will use it, how will it work and what purpose will it serve.
Like many people who have a little geek inside them, I always look forward to seeing some of the innovative products and ideas introduced in the Consumer Electronics Show every January.  This year had a few intriguing innovations including integrated home control systems run by mobile devices, flexible touch sensors, personal medical records devices and so much more.  What captivated me the most however was an article I read in Information Week titled CES 2013: 5 Dumbest Ideas.  This included several products that clearly made me say to myself “What were they thinking?”  The included:

  • The iPotty – Need to toilet train your baby?  Just attach your iPad to this device and consider it done!  You better be careful of a splash though because we all now that one drop of water down the headphone jack and void goes the warranty!
  • The HapiFork – Everyone needs a fork that counts the bites you eat and the time between bites, right?  I wonder if it is dishwasher safe?
  • The Lucien Elements iPhone Case – I wonder how many of these $650 crocodile-skin iPhone cases will really sell?  Don’t tell PETA about this one.

Anyways, for some comic relief from your day, check out the full article on

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