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The Top 5 Healthcare Posts of 2012

The past year was very busy for the Perficient Healthcare team, and our blog reflects the time and hard work our group has put in. Throughout a year of healthcare reform, regulations implementation, and numerous deadline changes, we’ve worked to keep our subscribers in the loop. As we start another busy year, here is a look back at the top 5 most viewed blogs from 2012:

  1. Is it time for Open Source in Healthcare? As several key players in open source software develop, do we need to re-evaluate potential IT architectures? These solutions hold the potential to reduce cost pressures in healthcare IT.
  2. From Little Data to BIG Data – One Step at a Time One of the key building blocks to creating an ACO is data analysis. So how do we get from the unorganized data we have to the big data we’ll need?
  3. Clinical Documentation – The Make or Break Component of ICD-10 With the ICD-10 deadline determined this year, implementation was high on many people’s minds. The Clinical Documentation Assessment is a great building block to start these looming projects.
  4. ICD-10 Revenue Neutrality: A Strategic Approach ICD-10 was clearly a hot topic for many in 2012. In order to achieve Revenue Neutrality, Health Plans and Providers must work together to set up reasonable objectives.
  5. Data Governance vs. Data Management The terms Data Governance and Data Management are closely related but still very different ideas. So what are they, and how do you know which is which?

In addition to these top 5 viewed posts, we have also published several successful Monthly Trends Reports, which we will continue to do in 2013. Stay tuned for another great year of content!

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