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iOS Advertising Opportunities

According to comScore, over 300MM impressions are now available per month in mobile advertising on the leading inventory-rich mobile media partners such as Google, Millennial Media, Mobile Theory, 24/7 Read Media, Mojiva and Jumptap. With the gradual increase of the average time spent per day on mobile devices set to increase by 52%, it’s no surprise that opportunities are growing in the mobile space for advertisers and, in some cases, exceeding those present in the realm of desktop. Combine this with more and more traffic arriving to brands’ sites from smartphones and tablets, and you’ll be left in the dust if you don’t include mobile media in your 2013 digital plans.
It’s no secret that the iPhone is the leading smartphone device in terms of reaching your audience with ads. With the introduction of the iPhone 5 in September, Apple’s newest upgrades are expected to also add to media performance due to three main features: (1) HD resolution, (2) faster processor, and (3) 3G to 4G LTE.
The improved resolution will allow ads to be displayed in richer and more brilliant form, grabbing attention from viewers and demanding engagement. Additionally, a faster processor opens the door for 3D material and augmented reality creative executions for a deeper consumer experience. Not to mention, when load time for ads becomes virtually unnoticeable, your media dollars will become much more efficient and successful in reaching your audience, creating brand lifts or increased coupon downloads as a result of a rich-media placement.
On another note, the iPhone 5 provides a variety of options to advertisers with its support of two sizes: SD (Standard Definition) 320 x 50 banners and the new HD (High Definition) 640 x 100 banners.
Apple’s release of iOS6 has also introduced a solution to quell privacy constraint fears called the “Advertising Identifier” (or IFA), which is a random, unique code that can be shared across apps and can be deleted or opted-out of by users, similarly to how a user can a delete cookies on their desktop. This breakthrough allows for better and increased reach of an audience with enhanced targeting options in the mobile space (specifically audience and BT), on top of the wealth of registration data already available. The vastly discussed PII-concern may quickly become a thing of the past.
While the iPhone isn’t the only smartphone out there, it is the dominant force for successful brand advertising campaigns in the mobile space. Leveraging these new benefits now will allow you to see how they can turn up your mobile media campaigns a notch as time moves forward.

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