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Healthcare Changes- Asking the Questions

The healthcare industry is at the threshold of enormous changes to the current methodology and relationship structure among payers, providers, employers, and patients. There are numerous sources that initiate these changes that span coding, data processing, fee structures, quality and performance. These sources include, but are not limited to state and federal governments, quality and performance organizations, and healthcare delivery systems. With the current foundation established, we can now open up the next iteration of the dynamic molding of the healthcare industry. Are there sufficient channels for feedback, questioning, and enhancements to the foundational structure?

Current milestones of assessment and review for all proposed healthcare industry mandates have been established by the initiation sources. There are however gaps in processing and review of changes by the actual implementers and recipients of healthcare systems. These end-stage reviews can include a variety of feedback mechanisms, including real-time question and answering systems, virtual sessions, temporary consulting teams, and organizational review committees.

Overall, there are multiple tiers of feedback channels, including participating professional oversight and information processing and dissemination. While the primary stages include review and collaboration of changes, additional stages will include conveying this message to source initiators and organizing review into a manner that will be comprehensible and most importantly modifiable for future regulatory updates.


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