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What is Microsoft System Center 2012?

Microsoft System Center 2012 is an all-embracing platform that enables you to manage your IT environments with drastic improvements in simplicity and gain tremendous efficiencies – both server infrastructure and client devices.
System Center 2012 pushes a shift in paradigm, allowing the customer to focus on value of IT services to the business.  System Center 2012 handles the traditional tedious/repetitive tasks, and enables self-service, automation, & cloud management (public, private and hybrids) from a single administrative interface.  Perficient is a Microsoft partner which has dedicated specialists for this field of technology; enabling clients to effectively manage and control the technology they already own – and adhere to best practices.

Perficient engineers have a wealth of experience implementing these products; although some are new, they are viewed as mature via their previous iterations.  One of the key elements in this release is the opening up of controls against non-Microsoft products (a unique element with competitors do not allow).  This simplifies management of the organizations IT vastly – allowing a complete view via a “single pane of glass” to all systems managed.
Designed to work with what you have today.

  • Allows transformation of an IT department.
  • Enables easy Private Cloud creation and management.
  • Administrator can be strategic vs. repetitive with technology tasks
  • Covers both Microsoft, and non-Microsoft products.

System Center has changed from a suite of products, to a single product in 2012 with multiple components:

  • Configuration Manager – manage/control clients
  • Operations Manager – monitor and analyze client health (Microsoft and non-Microsoft)
  • Application Controller – custom application deployment
  • Virtual Machine Manager – control virtual hosts (Microsoft and non-Microsoft)
  • Forefront Endpoint Protection – client anti-virus and malware protection
  • Orchestrator – workflow management for data center
  • Service Manager – complete service desk/self-service platform
  • Data Protection Manager – complete coverage of data, and application aware agents
  • Advisor – cloud based server monitoring
  • InTune (more integration soon) – cloud based client management

Here are the products displayed in relevance to which tasks they operate:

For more information:

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Steve Andrews

For over 20 years, Steve Andrews has been passionately working on the Microsoft infrastructure side in Information Technology. Working with versatile, agile companies to strategically deploy cutting edge technologies, streamlining, and consolidating to drive their business focus, profitability, and always stay ahead of their competitors. Experience includes deep Microsoft collaboration/communications and back end solutions for medium/large sized corporations within Financial, Entertainment, Manufacturing, Biotech, Government, and Administration. More recently assisting organizations to focus on private cloud creating/management/monitoring systems and specializing in System Center 2012 products. Steve is on product development panels for many Microsoft Server products (and Microsoft VTSP) and enables a true vision of simplicity through clean clear infrastructure. Before Perficient, Steve worked for a large European Cable/Communications company, an international retailer with the biggest POS network, and a high demand 24/7 manufacturing company.

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