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Webinar: Premier health alliance is building social business, transforming healthcare

The need for better collaboration in the Healthcare industry has never been greater. Medical information is critical and constantly changing and growing in size by the second, so much so that the entire volume of medical data doubles in volume every five years. Doctors, patients and healthcare organization all recognize that this incredible volume of information makes it difficult to get the answers they need, which is part of the reason for errors and waste at hospitals with patient care and payment processes.

The need for progress is clear and for many leading healthcare organizations the solution is simple. The way to improve efficiency, decrease cost, and improve quality of care is to bring the whole community of care together through collaboration tools that connect health plans, providers and patients to create a truly social healthcare enterprise.

Join Perficient and Premier health alliance at 1pm CST on November 16th for the informative webinar, Leveraging IBM Social Business Solution to Improve Performance.” This webinar will explore how Premier is integrating business processes with social and analytic tools from IBM to create a competitive advantage and pioneer a better way of providing care.

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