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Top 5 Technology Trends in Healthcare – October 2012

The healthcare IT field is rapidly developing and changing. Emerging technology and updated regulations put pressure on healthcare providers and health plans to stay ahead of the curve. Perficient creates a monthly list that explores some of the current topics and issues in health IT. This list examines the most talked about issues and technologies that are currently affecting the industry.


EHR/Meaningful Use Stage 2

Meaningful Use is a set of standards that ensures Electronic Health Record systems are being used meaningfully, in order to improve the quality of care. Stage 2 of meaningful use has a primary theme of interoperability between EHR systems and engaging patients in their own care.

Health BI/Big Data

Healthcare business intelligence can provide organizations the ability to use their data to improve quality of care, increase financial efficiency and operational effectiveness, conduct innovative research and satisfy regulatory requirements. Analytics can provide the critical insights in meeting the organizations’ goals and gain competitive advantage.

Mobile Health

Healthcare organizations have embraced mobile technology, as it streamlines healthcare, provides immediate access to important patient information, and allows for increased coordination across the continuum of care. Patients and members are able to easier access healthcare professionals, online medical information, and care alternatives to contain costs and improve quality by using mobile technology.


Healthcare systems and state and local government agencies must exchange health information to those who can impact the delivery of care while empowering those who receive that care in order to meet regulatory standards and maintain business viability in the future. As a result, stimulus dollars are currently being provided to incent healthcare organizations to store and exchange clinical information via a digital electronic health information highway.


Starting in October 2014, the U.S. healthcare system will begin mandating the use of ICD-10 codes to replace the ICD-9 coding system. The updated ICD-10 codes will be more specific and allow for more precise billing and address advances in medical knowledge and technology.

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