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WebSphere Portal 8 Administration Guide

Over on developerWorks, Thomas Hurek and Falk Posch just posted a new white paper titled: Administering IBM WebSphere Portal 8.0: A comprehensive workshop.  The document is over 130 pages long, so it covers a lot of areas in which portal administrators will be interested.  Here is a list of the topics:

  • Introduction
  • What is WebSphere Portal?
  • Installing WebSphere Portal
  • Understanding the WebSphere Portal file system structure
  • Installing the latest Combined Cumulative Fix
  • Command line tools
  • Administration user interface: Admin portlets
  • WAS Admin user interface
  • Conclusion
  • Resources
  • Author biography

What’s nice is that the paper covers the command line, the admin portlets, and the WAS Admin interface.  The paper spends a lot of time covering the installation of the portal complete with highlighted screen shots.  It also goes into details on the structure of the file system post installation.

The authors include two scripts in a zipped file for your use.  The first is an xmlAccess script to deploy a portlet.   The second script is a Python script which changes the layout of a selected portal page.  These samples are nice to have, especially the Python script, of which we don’t see many examples.

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