What does Perficient know about SharePoint 2013?

Let’s get back to my colleague, Matt Morse, and his recent presentation on SharePoint 2013. In my previous post, I summarized Matt’s answer to the first question he’s often asked, and discussed Microsoft’s investment areas in the new release – and the reasoning behind those investments. You probably recall that the public preview of the new release came out in July… just a few months ago. This leads to the second question Matt covered: Given the short amount of time since the public preview came out, how do we know what we know?
When it comes to SharePoint, Perficient has a tremendous amount of platform depth in the space. Whether it’s people who focus on SharePoint platform strategy, business analysis, user experience, infrastructure, architecture, development, or QA, we have specialists across the board. With hundreds of employees that focus on SharePoint – all day every day – and many more who have experience in it, we have a great deal of knowledge around SharePoint, its history, and how it has grown up as a platform.
Specific to SharePoint 2013, we are able to share our experience because we’ve participated with various customers in pre-release programs, enabling early access to the product. One of these clients will be speaking at the upcoming SharePoint Conference in November. Outside of these programs, we have customers that see the value in the new release and are committed to being early adopters of SharePoint 2013.
Sure, not everyone has had the chance to work with SharePoint 2013 just yet. Thanks to knowledge sharing (internally and publically), we are all learning about the new version. Teams involved on SharePoint 2013 projects come back and share their experience with their peers – through lunch and learn sessions, micro-blogs, etc. Outside of our organization, we continue to share the knowledge. We regularly blog about SharePoint 2013, host webinars, and will speak at the SharePoint Conference, among other events.
What does this all come down to? We are passionate about the space and excited to help our clients take advantage of what the new platform has to offer.

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