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SharePoint Fest Chicago 2012: Keynote Recap

SharePoint Fest Chicago 2012

Author: Amy Smith, Senior Project Manager, Perficient
SharePoint Fest Chicago was held September 25-27.  I attended the keynote address, “Revolutionize Your Organization with SharePoint 2013”.  The speaker was the dynamic Dux Raymond Sy, an MVP/PMP and author of “SharePoint for Project Management.”  Dux walked us through how SharePoint 2013 provides organizations with answers for the four major technology drives today:SharePoint Fest Chicago 2012

  1. BYOD (bring your own device)
  2. The speed of business
  3. The need for IT to do more with less
  4. Social media 

He stressed that technology for technology’s sake is a non-starter.  Delivering business solutions that allow organizations to get work done are critical and get funded.  SharePoint 2013 delivers on these four drivers by providing tools to organize, discover, build and manage.  Dux went through a list of 2012 features for each of these tools.  The greatest take away from this session, aside from the obvious enthusiasm the speaker has for SharePoint 2013, was that while 2013 helps organizations provide tools for today, consultants must work the traditional path to understand client needs, determine the solutions that fit their needs, and facilitate their decision-making process . 
 The presentation and comments from the session can be found here.

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